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For continue to promote sustainable built environment

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The Israeli Green Building Council (ILGBC)

Was established in early 2007 as a non-for-profit organization with the aim of creating a change in the Israeli construction market and making green building the most prevalent construction standard.

The chosen measure to realize a substantial shift in the market was to form partnerships between the entire range of actors involved, including industry, government, professional community, academia and NGOs. Since then, ILGBC has been providing the platform for all these organizations to join hands in promoting green building in Israel.

Mission and Goals

Our Goal is to incorporate green building and sustainable urban planning principles in the mainstream building practices in Israel, including all matters pertaining to construction, planning, economic, and real-estate development. The adoption of these principles, such as energy efficiency and green building materials, is aimed at achieving an advanced and healthy built environment, thereby improving the well-being of all residents across the nation.

In addition, the ILGBC goals involves broader social benefits, namely through sustainable planning of neighborhoods and cities that addresses aspects of prosperous community life and public participation in planning.

Our Activities

The ILGBC key activities include, among others


In March 2020, the Israeli National Planning and Building Council approved the Israeli standard for Green Building as a mandatory regulation, One Star level in all types of buildings.

There is no need to utter words about the proven benefits of green building. Reducing building operational costs due to reducing energy consumption for lighting and cooling, through reducing water consumption, using healthier materials, high thermal comfort, improved air quality, natural lighting, and more. These benefits are capable of reducing up to 30% in the energy consumption of buildings, which will lead to a similar reduction in total pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases from the Israeli construction sector.

These benefits guided us at the ILGBC throughout our efforts over the past decade to take forward green building in Israel. We embarked on a vision and perception that such an important field in Israel should not be left behind. We have contributed to the establishment of a comprehensive and professional local green building standard with a deep participation in the planning of the first revision process in 2011 and a professional contribution to all the Standards Committees and the preparation of tools for the distribution of the standard. We have trained thousands of professionals to work with the standard over the years with the idea that the more partners we have among professionals, the more likely we are to be implementing it successfully. We did all this by harnessing all stakeholders from all sectors – business, industry, third sector, academia and professional organizations, again from a conception that only in a collaborative and consensus-based process where all stakeholders share and contribute, it is possible to create a broad foundations for a well-developed green construction market.

After promoting a high-quality and comprehensive standard, we accompanied 'Forum-15' (the Israeli forum of self-government cities) in their important decision to make green building mandatory in a progressive and responsible manner, while providing time for adaptation to the green building market that was then in its early stages.

Throughout these years, together with our partners, we have undertaken numerous actions to remove knowledge barriers, update standards and write guides, professional training, incentive programs, and assimilate the standard requirements in plans. These actions, along with the decision of the  Forum-15, built the market's capabilities so that today there are already about 15,000 housing units and millions of square meters of offices, commerce and public buildings that are built according to the Green Building Standard and they proved that this was possible and the road was right.

Today, we are excited to see green building become a common ground while promoting equality between the center and the periphery and deciding on the right of all Israeli citizens to enjoy quality, healthy and cost-effective accommodation. This decision will lead to increase in the quality of life, reducing the national expenditure associated with buildings, lowering the cost of living and increasing equality in the economy.

The Council works with a broad view and in collaboration with all stakeholders in the field of construction in Israel. With the rise and importance of the global climate issue, we are working on many avenues for the actual implementation of sustainable development.

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